Southstar Shipping, is a NVOC Carrier and Commodity Freight Broker company.

The long time experience and handling of commodity cargoes has been the company’s main asset which created the base of Group’s planning for further development.

The significant changes occurred during the last years in the world market of those specific products have driven company’s owners to the formation of a dedicated carrier line that will be able to serve the needs of it’s clients on worldwide scale with high standards, efficiency and professionalism but still retaining the personalized character and friendly relationship ruling any human relationship so to transpire the feeling of trust, safety and tranquility to any shipper who entrusts the transportation of his valued goods to Southstar Shipping.

Following the trading paths of Coffee, Sugar, Rice & Cotton, Southstar has gained a deep experience on the special needs on each of those products and in this respect through-out the recent years, Southstar has been performing worldwide shipping orders of coffee, sugar and rice cargoes efficiently and successfully, building therefore further experience in the world traffic of these commodities.
Nowadays, Southstar, with presence in more than 80 countries worldwide, operates and controls the orders from origin till final destination even to the most distant and difficult regions of the Globe.