Southstar’s niche scope has been " be consolidated as a dedicated and specialized partner of the Trading Houses who are looking for a shipping company and a freight broker that will be able to understand the deeper rules and requirements of their cargo and who will provide the means and tools which will make their sales faster and the performance more efficient, more secure and trouble-free, irrespectively of the physical, global origin and destination of each consignment".

Southstar’s clients, being mainly trading firms or importers located in Europe, USA or Asia, perform triangular (or direct) purchases and sales of their products, while at the same time require on-time updated quotes and transport planning in order to negotiate and generate new business with their respective buyers or fix their contracts under locked transportation costs for a certain period of time or certain contract execution.

These are the fields where Southstar, acting as a multi-tool in trader’s hands, comes to support the freight inquiries and provide all the crucial information on the spot under one and only dedicated sales team and control office.

Both sales and purchase freight contracts as well as the special quotes are processed centrally at the Headoffice of the company, by the experienced administrating team who selects and provides only the best options for each individual consignment fitting best to the needs and importance as set by each client.